Sunday, 16 October 2016

Super Cauldron (Amiga)

Cauldron was a fun little game with subject matter perfect for surely a super-charged version on a beast so much more powerful than the Speccy as the Amiga would be brilliant, right!?

Well, oh dear....although first impressions are good as you feast your eyes on the gorgeous graphics, as soon as the heroine Zmira starts moving, it all starts to fall apart. Some weird kind of scrolling makes it really hard to tell what's happening on screen, and it jumps and lurches all over the place.

You start equipped with rocks as a weapon, which are pretty damn tricky to get to grips with due to their trajectory, but you'll get better with practice, and you can pick up broom icons and take to the skies, which is nice...but it was at that point I got confused...

Where the hell do I go? The level's only a few screens wide, and there didn't seem to be any exits? And so for about 20 minutes I tried to kill as many enemies as possible to see if anything happened. It was only by pure accident that I discovered the secret entrances to underground levels at the tree stumps! Now to be fair, I don't have the manual and maybe they're mentioned in that...but it seems a bit daft to hide the exits to a level in such obscure places!

And it's bloody tricky....and well, not very interesting! I dunno, it just seems to lack a certain something, and somehow seemed to irritate me right from the start...It's certainly not a patch on it's predecessor!

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