Sunday, 16 October 2016

Haunted House (MSX)

A machine I know pretty much nothing about, the MSX has a huge amount of games I've never heard of or had the pleasure of playing. And so I decided to ask the guys over at MSX Resource Center if they had any recommendations for spooky games. Thanks to them, I'm now playing my way through a rather large list of freaky new finds, one of which we've already seen a few posts back...and now also including this wee gem!

Filling the boots of Joe Kowalski, you'll have to work out how to escape the spooky Haunted House! Various nasties are lurking around and you'll need to avoid them or work out what items to use to defeat them! Keys are required to open doors and switches can be flipped to drop walls or other such handy stuff.

Working out how to progress is great fun, and the superb spooky sound effects add a lot of atmosphere to the game. All the little animations are also charming, and again I suggest you download it and give it a bash! I will say that I've only got three screens in, having just started it, and I seem to be stuck...but I'm pretty sure I'll work out how to progress. Plus if you download it, you might know what to do and can tell me the answer in a comment! 

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