Sunday, 16 October 2016

Death Jr - Root Of Evil (Nintendo Wii)

I've just started this one, but so far it's been a pleasant surprise! It's a sequel to a game I've never played which was on Sony's PSP, so I had no idea what to expect. You fill the shoes of the Grim Reaper's son, Death Jr. as he tries to pass his Biology class by finding a cocoon to study. Unfortunately the cocoon he and his friend Pandora happen to disturb, turns out to be the very one housing evil villain Furi who is trying to metamorphisise into a more powerful baddie!

DJ and Pandora and their group of freaky friends have to find Furi and put a stop to her evil plans, and do so in a freaky, fun-filled platformer that is perfect for Halloween type shenanigans!

There's pumpkins to be smashed for extra energy, a graveyard filled with teddies that stick to your scythe as you try to hack them to bits and a huge scary doll head with laser eyes and all manner of other Tim-Burton-esque baddies and environments to work through!

There's a nice selection of weapons you can build by finding parts, like the amazing TP Launcher which hurls flaming toilet paper at enemies! The Wii controls work well, and you can shoot your guns a little like you would in a light-gun game...Swinging the Wii-mote makes the scythe slash..y'know, just what you'd expect really!

Like I said, it was a pleasant surprise as it's a pretty good little arcade adventure! I'm definitely having a lot of fun and look forward to getting back to it! It's nothing too startling, but what it does it does well, and if spookiness is your thing you should be suitably happy!  Even if it isn't you should give this a go anyway, even if it's only to meet DJ's extremely charismatic friend Dead Guppy...who's...well, y'know...a dead fish....

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